Karthik Karanam, owner and head chef of Paramparaa, is driven by a passion for cooking authentic Indian Food Prepared with fresh ingredients. With more than thirteen years of experience, he sure knows how to tantalize those taste buds.

Karthik honed his skills at a 5 star hotel in India and has worked at a prestigious Indian restaurant in Tecoma, Melbourne. He recognized his talent hile working ata small restaurant in Borinia thirteen years ago. Having completed his formal training in Australia, Karthik returned home to India to learn the secret of its diverse and flavourful cuisines.

The chef fine tuned his skills at one of Hyderabad's most well known kitchens and returned to Australia in 2007. A keen eagerness to learn helped him rise, and today, he's happy to serve you in a restaurant that's his own. Karthik is also delighted to serve every customer to their order and taste and also would take the pleasure to serve Gluten Free food. Prepared with wonderfully fresh ingredients and aromatic spices, the food here is sure to have you asking for more! Having master the art of Indian cooking, karthik also likes adding a special twist to some dishes.

Due to Food and Hygiene Legislation, we will not pack any leftover food

Corkage and Cakages apply.

Price all include G.S.T.

Paramparaa Indian Restaurant

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